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Full-service North Carolina and East Coast Destination florist, crafting modern, timeless florals with unexpected elements and textures.

Elevating exquisite moments through floral artistry, we specialize in curating luxury events that capture your unique essence. By defying floral design norms, we transform everyday blooms into extraordinary masterpieces, pushing creative boundaries and challenging tradition. Enrich your experience with our innovative and personalized approach to floral design.

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Our Founder

meet kris, the floral enthusiast behind eden rose

For Kris, Eden Rose is more than just flowers. Deeply rooted in the belief in the power of flowers to connect people and uplift spirits, we want to craft stunning floral designs that tell stories and evoke emotions.


My greatest joy stems from forging authentic connections with people. I'm not here solely to arrange flowers; my mission is to comprehend your unique vision, style, and desires. Together, we will craft something extraordinary that mirrors your personality and touches hearts.

​Be it a wedding, a special event, or random day when you want to brighten someone's day, I'm here to infuse your moments with the magic of genuine, heartfelt florals.


Through Eden Rose, Kris channels the transformative power of flowers to weave unforgettable stories and craft timeless floral designs.

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